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Forever Friends

June 5, 2013

It’s beyond me. Whenever I think I’m starting to understand the relationship, it sinks to a whole new level. Siblings.

I listen to my friends who are super close with their siblings and feel such hope in the thought that someday my children will have the chance to experience that closeness. Then I talk to my friends who are constantly conflicted with their siblings and I tense up at the thought that this unease will continue the rest of their lives.

Today in ballet “observation,” Gabby started to moan for me, refused to participate and became disengaged all because Drew was sitting on my lap. You may think I’m over-reading the situation but literally she got over these feelings once he sat in his own chair. Rivalry in its finest. But then later that day while walking down the street, I discovered this tender moment…

Huh? We spent the morning with you two fighting with each other over a stinking balloon! Then you took turns screaming songs that you knew would irritate the other person! All followed up with you taking turns hitting each other and tattling on each other! Now when no one is looking, you opt for this tender moment! Does this mean I can die happy knowing you have each other or kill myself because being around the two of you is enough to take anyone over the edge?!?!

There are times when their love is alive and “well” in an obvious fashion for the whole world to see. It usually ends up in an overwhelming amount of destructive hugs, an unnatural amount of kisses or elevated voices that lead me to pulling these two apart. When observers mention how nice it is that they “like each other,” are “so sweet to each other,” or are “so affectionate with each other,” I usually end up cringing because it rarely stays that innocent.

Despite all this constant rivalry and non-stop fighting, there are times that I realize that these forever friends have such a special relationship. When the world aligns and they are running back and forth from their rooms playing that they are going on a trip or they hide underneath their covers waiting for us to come find them, I think that maybe there’s still hope. Maybe someday in the not TOOOOOOOO distant future, they will realize that they may have to share their parents but that their forever friend is TOTALLY worth that cost. I sure hope.

One thought on “Forever Friends

  1. We go back and forth about having a #2, but when I hear about moments like these (the good and the bad) it makes me lean more towards having another one just to see the dynamic.

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