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The Return of Snow Days | mommy's two cents

The Return of Snow Days

May 14, 2013

The worst part of Adam working so close to home, besides the difficulty in maintaining a “relationship” with the gardener ;), was that he never could have a snow day. You may remember how challenging I found our recent day stranded at home due to the snow.

Adam is leaving his employment of seventeen years! He was contacted by a recruiter through LinkedIn without any solicitation on his part. Pretty immediately he ruled out any prospects of this working but was continually persuaded to see the process through. As it became more of a reality, it became more and more confusing.

I’m extremely excited for him that he will have this opportunity to work towards a new challenge that he is sincerely excited about. However, I need to bring it back to ME and say that I’m very sad that he will no longer be five minutes from home. Not only will he not be five minutes from home, rather he will be closer to an hour and a half from home in a neighboring STATE!!!! WHAT?!?!

That one maybe two mornings of hell I spend wrestling my three children into the car, are now going to be an every day reality. Those one maybe two evenings where I need to juggle three kids while making dinner, are now going to be another every day reality. Those times that I need Adam to meet a contractor or something at the house during lunchtime, are not EVER going to happen again. Seeing his face poke in mid-day for lunch will NEVER happen.

I’m barely skating through life with our current existence, let alone how life will evolve to allow for an hour and a half commute each way! And every time my brain goes to that scary place of how I could possibly handle life like this, I fight it all back. People less smart, less capable than me have been able to pull off this job while their husband works long hours. I have no choice but to survive.

I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of pride for my husband. He has worked so hard over the years, completed an undergraduate degree and MBA while working full time, and is one of the smartest, most dynamic guys I know. It is such an honor that this company looked far and wide for a person to fill this role and feel that Adam is their guy. I can’t blame them for wanting him, and I certainly can’t blame him for wanting more for our family.

The good news is that I expect to have him home the next snow day…I only have to wait at least nine months for one of those.

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