Snow Day

March 5, 2013

It wasn’t too long ago where I was like all these other people celebrating a snow day. A snow day meant either I was going to have some time to rest and catch up on my DVR. Or it meant that we had some unexpected family time. Nowadays it means neither of those things.

Days over in my country are hard even armed with the best arsenal around. Days where I am the lone ranger organizing exciting activities appropriate for a four and two year old while lugging around an extra ten pound CRABBY weight become similar to a marathon. I’m sure any runner does this – break out your run in segments. I’ve completed half of the jaunt so far.

Since I have become a stay at home mom and mother of three, living five minutes from Adam’s employment has been a dream. He sometimes comes home for lunch, he doesn’t waste time in the car commuting and he has the ability to occasionally work from home. I think I have, however, uncovered the downside to this arrangement. You don’t get a snow day when you could practically walk to work. Bummer.

When the roads get unbearable to drive on, it’s possible your slave labor might demand a snow day. Or better yet, my slave labor said that she would do whatever I needed. Did my Jewish mother just guilt me into a snow day? Nervy if you ask me 🙂

Back in the day of when I was a mother of two, a snow day could mean running my children ragged outdoors. Snowmen, snow angels, snowball fights…all followed up hot chocolate. Nowadays I have no choice but to send my older ones out into the great outdoors by themselves. I’m clearly too neurotic to enjoy that. So instead I spend the time with my face up against the sliding glass door shouting commands at them (“help Gabby up the slide,” “Drew, don’t touch that). It’s not nearly as fun for anyone involved.

If I had the ability to run a half marathon, I would be thrilled with the completion. So despite the fact that my marathon is not close to over, I’m going to marvel in the fact that I have made it to this half way point. And in my hour or so of naptime/quiet time I’m going to pray with every part of my being that life as I know it (which seems surprisingly easy compared to a snow day) resumes tomorrow.

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