Flying Solo

May 20, 2013

As Adam’s start date is quickly approaching, I’m gathering up the arsenal to handle a change of this magnitude. Many people have reached out to me, people in similar situations or people managing children for hours on end. And to those I say, how do you do it?

Over the weekend Adam participated in “Tough Mudder.” He spent money, woke up insanely early and put himself through hours of grueling torture. If he wanted a “day off,” I can think of far nicer ways to spend it! What I did learn, though, is that it’s near impossible to manage our life as a single parent. Between t-ball, birthday parties and naps, life is a two partner sport. Fortunately for me, my mom swooped in with her cape and saved the day!

It’s kinda like the three kid phenomenon. Why did G-d only give us two hands? Is it because we were never supposed to have more than two kids? Is it because you shouldn’t have a third until your oldest can handle NOT holding your hand? Well, either way I failed to listen and practically have a panic attack at the sheer thought of taking three kids out of a car in a parking lot.

Sometimes I find my head moving so fast to the next circumstance, the next game plan that I overlook something in the current place I’m at. Surely having three kids and managing a parking lot circumstance is no exception to that, nor is the fact that in T minus 21 days I will pretty much NEVER see my husband Monday through Friday. So I’m lining up camp, enrichment and even, dare I say, “considering” giving up nursing for the shear basis that I literally can’t handle everything in my life right now.

As the days get closer, I’m appreciating lunch visits more. When he comes home after a long day of abuse, I’m quickly putting him to work. At the same time though, I’m also trying to pull back. I’m trying to take the lead in the morning (or at least considering what the lead might be like) in getting these kids ready and out of the house. I’m starting night time rituals of laying out clothes, setting up expectations and working our incentive chart to the bone!

I’m sure there will be some major aches and pains along the way. I think most of them I’ll survive, not necessarily happily but survive. Honestly, though, the biggest one is that I will miss that guy so much 🙁

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