Is it all about boobs?

May 16, 2013

Recently Angelina Jolie came out to the world to share something so very personal. I am blown away by the strength of a woman who is noted for her sexuality. She has made a business out of pouty lips and large breasts. To tell the world that she had a double mastectomy could in some ways cast a negative cloud on this image, yet she did it anyway.

What is sexuality? Is it large breasts and curves? That certainly helps paint the picture. I definitely feel at my sexiest dressed up in a nice dress that hugs all the right parts, a pretty pair of shoes probably too high to be comfortable, and my hair and makeup done just right. Can one feel sexy without their original sexy parts?

Some men say they are butt guys or boob guys. Really what most men want is a confident girl. Someone who can put on the dress, even if it doesn’t hug the best parts, and hold their head high. Someone who can wear a pair of flats and own it. And a woman who doesn’t wear any makeup could sometimes turn the right guy on just by being their own natural beautiful self.

Angelina has become a successful franchise as Lara Croft, tomb raiding, ass kicking girl wonder. In most ways she doesn’t need her boobs to be the bad ass that she is, she needs her inner strength and outward confidence. But can she sell it? Can she sell her franchise as a beautiful, fashion forward girl with tons of sex appeal?

Standing in front of news reporters, critics far and wide, she fessed up to the most intimate surgery as an example for every woman who has struggled with the decision to have this surgery, every woman who has had the surgery and every woman who will have to have the surgery in the future. I commend Jolie for bringing this surgery and this struggle to the forefront. If you ask me, she’s never been sexier…except maybe when she stole Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston 🙂

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