Picture Perfect

January 18, 2013

What is three and a half hours? It’s longer than Drew’s day at preschool. It’s longer than a movie you pay 50 plus dollars to go see. It’s longer than an exercise class. What’s not three and a half hours? A complete night sleep? Certainly not!

Last night Noah gave me the longest stretch of slumber that I have gotten in the four weeks he’s been alive – a whopping three and a half hours. And despite that being completely piss pour on the scale of a well slept person and a not well slept person, it felt amazing! It felt equivalent to an eight hours night sleep…sad!

It’s partially because I’m feeling a little more back in the land of the living. Even made it out to Tot Shabbat, my social outing for the week! And although I feel like I’m sheltered in the fact that my mom is helping me so much each day, the more I manage the kids (one, two or three of them at a time) the more I feel a sense of success.

I recently blogged about a photo opp caught so beautifully, A Picture Says a Million Words. Well today I received our family pictures from a photo session two weeks ago. Unlike the last photo I mentioned, where our bliss was nicely caught on film (or digital camera as the case may be). Our family pictures sort of reflect the opposite.

It’s not that life isn’t exactly blissful, hell I got three and a half hours of straight slumber and I am practically celebrating that! It’s just that it sorta feels like an accomplishment to get us all properly dressed in the morning, hair brushed (even if it is slightly standing up straight), beds made (or Drew’s version) and fed. So the fact that we managed all that and everyone is sorta looking at the camera means that we hit jackpot on this very day.

I don’t have to share what went into getting this picture captured. I don’t have to share the screaming, tugging, threatening and bribing that was necessary to accomplish this feat. I don’t have to share the amount of makeup necessary to cover my less than three and a half consecutive hours of slumber bags under my eyes. I don’t have to so I’m not going to. Rather, I’m going to flaunt on Facebook and anywhere I can my beautiful family and make you all think that life over here is always just picture perfect!

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