A quarter the way through…

December 10, 2012

We are deep in the trenches of Chanukah, a couple of big bashes under our belt. With weeks of prepping on appropriate gift receiving behavior, I’d venture to say my kids have been sufficiently gracious through our first two tests. (Read about my feelings of dread here) It didn’t hurt that I used bribery, or a reward system as I’d like to refer to it, as a means to insure appropriate behavior.

It seemed almost ridiculous for me to go out and buy these crazy rugrats gifts when I knew a sea of gifts would be trickling in. However, there were certain things I knew that they would like. Despite my complaints about how spoiled they are, it really is so thrilling to get them a present and have them LOVE it. The shrieks of joy upon opening his much sought after Mario costume almost made his bad behavior over the past twelve months disappear…almost.

There’s also another component that I had largely underestimated…I love having new toys! I love new toys on multiple levels. I love new toys because my kids are so excited to play with them that they actually hold their attention for longer than two seconds. I love new toys because I didn’t realize that I felt less inclined to play with some of their old toys that have been circulating amongst their stash for some time. And I also love new toys because it’s fun playing something completely new that you hadn’t played with before. (Like Chutes and Ladders Superhero Style, thanks Aunt Jamie and Uncle Jeff!!)

We certainly have not yet survived Chanukah 2012, frankly we are only 1/4 through it. By the end, I may be blogging about how obnoxious my children are and how they have come to expect a mountain of toys each and every night. But today as it stands, I’m loving Chanukah. I’m loving the excitement they have over all these fun new things. I’m loving lighting the candles with them and recreating the rituals (like playing Dreidel, which thanks to Drew’s preschool he knows how to identify each symbol and what it means). And I love the extra enthusiasm in our house.

Hopefully at the end of this week, I will be able to say I was wrong in my dread for this holiday. Hopefully at the end of this week, I will be able to say that despite my kids being spoiled, all the generous gifts were graciously appreciated. Hopefully at the end of this week, my children will understand the receiving message to Chanukah as well as the giving. Hopefully at the end of this week, my kids will also know that there’s something more to Chanukah than just gifts. I’m thinking my wishes for this week are a bit lofty but maybe at least in a couple of years…

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