She’s getting a promotion!

November 30, 2012

I’m changing my perspective. It’s not that Gabby is being booted out of babyhood. It’s that Gabby is getting a promotion. She is getting the opportunity to be promoted to big girl status. And although her eagerness out of the world of baby seems a little less enthusiastic than I had hoped, I think she will rise to the occasion.

Today her big girl bed arrived. She is relocating to a big girl bedroom, equipped with her own bathroom for future grooming years. It is all very exciting. And despite the times she has argued with me that she is in fact a big girl, there isn’t much to confirm that she has become one other than her growing vocabulary.

I don’t want her to grow up any faster than she already is. I am completely ok with her staying Mommy’s baby girl until the end of time. There are a few things, however, that would make life a little easier with a newborn if she would conquer. The first being that the crib is not intended to sleep two. I will feel much better with the arrival of the baby if Gabby is comfortably sleeping in her big girl bed ahead of time.

As much fun as it is running to the store every couple of weeks for diapers, it will be much less fun managing that task with different sized diapers. I did it with Drew when Gabby was born but Drew was making serious progress towards being potty trained. When asking Gabby when she will be potty trained, her only answer is “shoooon.” Soon is not as promising as I would like it to be.

Then there’s the issue of “uppy, uppy.” Even though I’m running around town with way too much extra weight on my bones, I’m still finding it possible to carry around my 24 pound big girl. I’m just as guilty of this because there are times that she is too slow or I’m concerned for her safety (i.e. parking lot or stairs) and it’s just easier to carry her. It would be nice if this promotion meant that she would spend more time on her own big girl feet.

This girl is getting a larger office, an upgraded position in the car and the opportunity for more independence. Rather than be sad about my baby growing up or being forced to mature faster than she would otherwise, I hope she embraces this promotion…or at least just sleeps through the night in her new big girl bed.

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