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December 3, 2012

Nap time has turned into a tug of war. I say nap, she’s says no. Sounds like a normal debate with a toddler. However, sleepiness has over-ruled two out of three nap offerings. Fortunately every night she has slept, as she should. So all in all I would rate our conversion to Gabby’s big girl bed a success.

As much as I have angled it a “promotion,” I really feel that way. Maybe it’s because I have a new baby coming soon but I really don’t feel sad that she’s crossing over this baby step. It’s been fun getting her bedroom all set up, she looks adorable nustled in her enormous bed and Drew was just two when he made the transition which is six months earlier than she. So if we were sizing up whether or not I was ready for this step, I most definitely was.

The level of excitement Drew has experienced over this “promotion” for Gabby was completely unexpected. He has been eager to read stories in her room and has ended up two out of four mornings in her bed bright and early. It reiterates the fact that Drew is such a creature of routine and habit that even when the wind shifts direction, it effects him. Fortunately, it seems to have become a positive energy in this household.

Adam, of course like most things in our world, is totally on board and happy about the big move. I don’t think he feels sad about Gabby progressing out of her crib, nor as anxious as I about her having the freedom in her room. And I’m sure he’s loving the opportunity to have more things to do on his “honey do” list.

The only person in this family that is less enthusiastic about this move is Gabby herself. She was very excited when the furniture came and all the new stuff was positioned but she has been very sad about sleeping in that room. She keeps saying that she wants to sleep in the baby’s room and the baby’s bed. Although I know it won’t be long before these growing pains are a distant memory, it stings a little bit. It hits that cord inside my heart where I feel guilty for forcing her to stop being my baby and be my big girl.

I remember feeling this way before she was born, that Drew was forced to grow up early. Drew is such an all encompassing child that he has never gotten the short end of the stick here. He gained a sister and still got to be the president of the house. For Gabby though, her place is as the understated baby. Without that role, what will her job responsibilities in this new promotion be? How will she define her place in this house?

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