Oh Preschool

November 8, 2012

I have finished the last of my tours of preschools. I have now been exposed to four different preschools. Each one has their own strengths and weaknesses. So now I believe it should be decision time…

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m super preggers and have not felt especially decisive during these 32 weeks of pregnancy. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s really hard to anticipate what life will be like since our family is growing. Maybe it’s the fact that you don’t really realize what a school is like until you attend there. Maybe it’s also the fact that I love where we are at and it’s hard to think past that. Either way I’m completely and totally on the fence.

Drew’s teachers recently said to me that years ago preschoolers didn’t engage in this level of academic approach but that parents have increasingly been asking for more of it so the education has evolved. I totally get that. But how much structure and education is too much and how much is too little? How do you know how your kid will respond to whichever level of education you present them with until you do?

When it was time to choose a place for Drew, I was working and was limited to the programs that worked with my schedule. Now I have choices. I have choices on location, on level of religion, on curriculum style, etc. And these choices are complicating what was a fairly easy decision first time around. I can’t help but feeling like I hit jackpot with him so easily.

I’m not trying to add drama where it is not necessary. I totally understand that there are no major repercussions to choosing the wrong choice here. If I don’t like the school, I could switch her. I don’t think the decision I make now will have any effect on what college she does or does not go to. Yet I am still totally confused.

Perhaps it also has to do with me. Our preschool has become a place of friendly faces, family friends, and fun times. Can I visualize these other places being that for us? Which vibe matches our style? What is our style? I can’t imagine it’s strictly a social thing for me. These programs have different schedules, alternate routines and other rituals. Which one matches our lifestyle?

How does anyone choose a preschool?!?!?

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