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October 30, 2012

This wonderful thing happens to me living in this beautiful climate…come fall everything gets dry. My knuckles start cracking, my legs start itching and my hair gets frizzy. I have dedicated my life to fighting frizz, some days more successfully than others. It probably doesn’t help matters that I have a love affair with my flat iron. Regardless, my hair is DRY!!!

A friend of mine suggested Morocco oil and I thought that it was an impossibility that anything would make my hair less dry without making it more greasy. Cleopatra’s Choice gave me the opportunity to try out their version of Morocco oil, Topganic Hair Serum with Argan Oil from Morocco, and I soon got to see what all the fuss was about!

As these colder days are coming in left and right, my hair has been so much silkier and nicer despite the weather change. Not to mention that I love anything I can order online, have at my front door without paying for shipping and not have to lug the kids around town doing errands! After all, it does feel at times that errands are my life!

So I had no choice but to share this great find in a product and website with all my wonderful readers. I will be trying out more of Cleopatra’s Choice beauty products because I have been so happy with this serum!!!

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