To see or not to see!

December 7, 2012

When I had Drew, I had no idea about babies. I knew even less about baby goods. I didn’t have a ton of friends that had babies to bounce ideas off, so I lived and died by what became the bible to me (Baby Bargains). If Baby Bargains told me that I should duck tape my kid to the kitchen table instead of using a high chair, I probably would.

At that time, they were very negative about video monitors. They felt that they were very expensive, had a lot of interference and didn’t help too many parents. After I had Drew, all my friends that had babies to follow ended up getting video monitors. So we did some research and got one with Gabby.

It has been the best thing ever! It is so helpful to be able to see your baby when they are so iddy biddy and new to being in their own rooms. Then it’s helpful to see what they are doing when they start playing in their cribs. And now it has been essential in watching my big girl not take her naps. If I had to rely solely on the sounds coming from her room, I would be up there every two seconds.

The problem is that our very expensive, state of the art video monitor is on its last leg! How is that possible when we have only reaped the benefits for one child?!?! It’s the story of my life, I never seem to be economical to save my life! And now it’s clearly impossible for us to get by without one when we have grown so accustomed to it.

So for “my favorite things,” I will say Baby Bargains which was my bible with my first born.

And my video monitor, Summer Infant Best View Video Monitor, as my second favorite thing until it broke!

But then I’m going to put it out to you, my wonderful readers…If I were to buy another video monitor, which would you recommend????

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