Drew Day

October 26, 2012

Fridays mark an important holiday in our house…Drew Day. Since my mom retired, she picks him up from school on Fridays and they do an activity.

It’s wonderful for me because it allows me a chance to do my class with Gabby, run errands or schedule an age appropriate play date, and then actually have some alone time while Gabby “naps.” I have the opportunity to get some stuff done, make Shabbat dinner or just do the unthinkable – relax!!!

It’s great for Drew because he does his best when he has an adult’s undivided attention. It allows him the chance to do an age appropriate activity with his grandparents completely involved and focused on him. Look at how happy he was with this week’s outing…

The proof is in the pudding!

When Drew was young and went to “school” (daycare) all day, he would frequently come home and fall a part. It was as if he had held it together all day, and just couldn’t anymore once he was in his comfort zone of home. Frequently I find that he has a similar reaction to coming off of a Drew Day. As much as I think that he’s going to come back better equipped to handle our evening, he is a wreck once the grandparents leave him at home with us. It’s like he got a taste of being an only child and now won’t settle for anything less.

I’m grateful for every time a teacher, grandparent, or friend tells me how well behaved he was. I would definitely prefer he give me trouble over an outsider. But why can’t he maintain the momentum he had at school, during Drew Day or carpool at home with me? I don’t want the good behavior at the risk of the other people experiencing the bad behavior. I just don’t think its fair that he is an angel until he steps foot in my house. What’s the deal with that?

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  1. That’s a hard one to figure out! I’ve told parents of my students many times that their child is VERY chatty or doesn’t talk at all and more often than not they seemed shocked by this because apparently they behave the exact opposite at home! lol! When my son starts going through this I might have more reasons (or solutions) to share with you!
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