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September 27, 2012

Change my license plates and call me Mommy’s Taxi. I have entered a new phase in parenthood, I’m in the carpooling business!!! Other than the nerves associated with letting your kid go, and don’t get me wrong it’s not exactly easy for me, it’s great!

Drew’s school friend is taking a sports class with him and the timing is hard because it’s exactly when Gabby needs to nap. I could suffer through it and chase her around, but this is sooooo much easier! So now I’m sitting back relaxing in a silent household and typing away with a smile on my face. Of course this bliss will only last for about two more minutes when my little monster comes running through the door but I’ll take what I can get.

The interesting thing is that this circumstance seems to help Drew’s behavior. His friend is very obedient…maybe because he’s just an overall great kid that listens to his mom or maybe because I am not his mom so he’s more responsive to what I ask. Either way when it came time to go potty, put shoes on, get in the car…Drew’s friend was all over it. The peer pressure had such a positive impact on Drew that I think I may need to hire his friend for other outings.

In a world of car seats and family’s with their own multiple kids, I didn’t think we would progress to carpool lanes until much older. In some ways it was very startling to leave him at a mere four years old with the coach of the class. Fortunately for me, Drew’s friend’s mom is just as neurotic as me and got there about fifteen minutes after I left. Phew!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention who else loved our afternoon play date and carpool partner, none other than “just one of the guys” Gabby. The big boys buckled themselves in the car, “Gabby do.” The big boys squealed running through the house, Gabby squealed. The big boys ate crackers and cheese, “cheeeeeeeese!!!!” There was a train of three children holding hands marching into the sports class and a few tears when the boys ran off to participate in the sports class, leaving Gabby in their dust.

I’m going to sit back and enjoy my last few minutes of silence. I’m going to be a better, more even tempered mom when Drew comes running through the doors thanks to our new carpool setup…that is unless he wakes Gabby up upon his return 🙂

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