I’m soooooo outta here!!!!

September 28, 2012

This is the first in a LONG time, and I’m afraid last for quite some time, of adult only vacations that Adam and I will be taking. We are heading out to a friends’ wedding in Memphis, TN. We will be sans kiddos from late Thursday night (last night) until early Monday morning. What does one do without kids for that long?!?!

The coordination necessary to leave the kids is almost just as hard as traveling with kids. Preparing the GPs for the detailed schedules, the snack preferences and the routines necessary to minimize conflict is exhausting! The irony is that the grandparents are very involved in the kids’ day to day lives but having the kids for several perpetual days in a row (night and day) is a whole different story!

I’d be lying if I said that I’m not excited in an almost unnatural way for a weekend without kids. I wouldn’t be sincere if I said that the thought of sleeping until my body clock wakes me up isn’t thrilling. I wouldn’t be depicting it correctly if I didn’t say that the concept of several meals where I can actually taste the food isn’t appealing. Not to mention my excitement over perpetual adult conversation and celebrating my friends!

Of course I’ve probably romanticized this circumstance and the reality won’t be what I’m dreaming up. The truth is I will be plagued with horrible heart burn regardless of having time to actually chew my food. I won’t actually be able to sleep past 7:15am because I’m the size of a house and can’t sleep well if my life depended on it! Most of our adult conversation will consist of people asking about the kids, Adam and I talking about the kids or us calling home and getting WAY too involved with the details of their days. Celebrating my friends will be great, but guess who has to be DD yet again?!?!

I think this is a good opportunity for everyone. Mama certainly could use a vaca, the grandparents and kids could always use some quality time together and maybe everyone will appreciate everything I do more than they do now! So my bags are packed and I’m soooooo ready to go! Congrats Ben and Sarit, thanks for giving me this excuse to get away!!!!

3 thoughts on “I’m soooooo outta here!!!!

  1. My fist vacay without my 18 month old was this summer…for five days! Let’s say I missed him, but I loved being on a child-free vacation more! Call me a bad mom…but I firmly believe that we need to be selfish every now and again so we can maintain our sanity!!!! Have a great trip 😉
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