On the road again…

August 29, 2012

Thursday we leave for vaca #2 of August. This is a shorter getaway filled with kid activities 24/7…also known as my modern dream vacation.

It used to be that all I wanted was a beach and a few cocktails for a vacation. Nowadays my dream vacations have transformed to Disney World and Wisconsin Dells. The concept of going to restaurants that are accustomed to allergies, screaming children and quick service is perfect. The idea that there are kid friendly activities for days full of sunshine as well as days full of rain, is fool proof in my mind!

The problem is that I now find myself packing and planning for hours in a car, living out of a suitcase and eating on the go. And even though I love the idea of being away from home and all the normal responsibilities, the stress of getting us ready for the time away gets intense while I’m in the thick of it.

Once we get back, I have the excitement/dread of the schedule starting back full force. This break, unlike most others, I have welcomed not having a structured schedule and tons of playdates. Yet, I have found myself going crazy managing these maniacs. It’s possible that my tolerance is lower given my current state. It’s also possible that my maniacs have been more maniacal than normal, feeding off of each other and bringing the energy level to an emergency state. So as much as I dread the insane running that our normal schedule brings us, I’m also excited for the routine again.

When we get back it’s school five days a week, sandwiched with Terrific Twos, ballet and Tot Shabbat for Gabby. There’s soccer, taekwando, basketball and a sports class thrown into Drew’s crazy days. And in between it all, mama needs her gym time and to get all her many errands done. I’m getting tired just typing what our normal routine looks like!

So for the time being, I’m going to let the stress of packing and preparing turn into a haze that puts me in robotic get things done mode. I’m going to enjoy the family friendly getaway, aka my dream vaca. And I’m really going to count on that I come back refreshed in a way that I can tackle our normal routine with strength and sensibility.

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