I’m in the thick of it…

August 9, 2012

I know vacations are worthwhile. It’s great to get away from the house, it’s nice to have a break from the routine and it’s enjoyable to be forced to have no distractions during family time. The pre-work, though, is enough to do you in!

There are a variety of piles all over our house. There are the clothing piles that seem to be growing by the second. As laundry is completed certain items are added. As the weather seems to change (a 70 degree day hasn’t been part of my vocabulary in what feels like months) the pile continues to grow. At this point, there’s less clothes in our drawers than in our “to take” pile for our week away.

The toy situation is always a thorn in my side. I know as much as we bring, we also have to make sure all parts make their way home too. Not to mention that despite the favorite toys I pack, the restricted toys that I save for special occasions, the new toys that they’ve never laid eyes on, they are still not going to do the job like I would like them to. Every attempt I make to find things that will keep them busy or excite them, will never actually do the job. Rather Drew will spend the majority of the downtime driving us crazy to use the iPad and Gabby will want “uppie” more than she ever wants “downie.”

Now back to the beautiful weather that is today… Is it Mother Nature’s way of reminding me that horrible, cold weather is an option. So if I was thinking of packing lightly, think again. So instead I start frantically grabbing everything that we might need. I had to hold myself back from packing the snow pants and boots out of fear of owning something that I actually don’t have with me for our week away.

Then the larger issue that this is the best vacation for the kids if the weather is nice. If the weather is not nice, there are still some basic things to resort to like movies or shopping. As bearable as it is being couped up in our normal house with every toy imaginable, its even less enjoyable in a house that doesn’t come equipped with all those resources. Oy.

I’ve been baking up a storm to provide Gabby with some yummy options away from home. So far she has rejected everything I made yesterday. Today I will undertake the cooking portion to make sure that we have some already cooked meals. Not sure why I even bother when no matter what I do, what I make, she may decide that an eating strike is in order and all my hard work will go down the tubes. Until I finally give up and order the family pizza (which she cannot have) and she all of a sudden decides she wants to eat and has a massive tantrum. Delightful.

Next week while I’m basking in the sun at the beach, the kids are playing happily by themselves, and we are all munching on delicious pre-made food, all this madness will be history. Until then, however, I’m in the thick of it. Wish me luck as I hopefully make my way out and onto a successful family vacation 🙂

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