Happy anniversary to my wife

August 21, 2012

Let me just start this blog by saying that, no Heli does not have a wife, this is in fact her hubby Adam. Let me also say that she doesn’t realize that I’m about to post something on her blog. However, today is our 7 year anniversary and what better way to celebrate a very personal, private holiday than sharing my thoughts with the world, or at least Heli’s world. 🙂

Heli and I met when we were much younger, much different, and with a lot more hair (ok that last part only applies to myself). The timing wasn’t perfect as we were both in very different places in our life but somehow we made it work. Believe it or not the majority of our early years we struggled through making a long distance relationship work.

Now we have children, live in a nice house, drive nice cars, take nice vacations… yada yada yada. It’s days like this where I try to reflect on what were are doing right.

First let me tell you a few things about my bride. She is the most perceptive, introspective, articulate person I have ever met. Meet her once and she will remember your name, children’s name and other details most people just don’t remember or pay attention too. She is an incredibly caring friend, family member, mother, and wife.

My relationship with her hasn’t necessarily been overly complicated. Somehow we have always had a connection to each other. Somehow we have been able to evolve as individuals while evolving our relationship. I’m going to try and stay away from being overly “cheesy” here, but it really is hard to figure out where I end and she begins. After this long of spending time together our likes, dislikes, reactions, etc really start to resemble each others.

I would say that the real secret to our success has been communication. We have always been able to simply talk to each other. Not yell, not bark orders, but just talk. This has helped us tackle some of the most complicated issues within our relationship and has helped us to become good friends, not just family members.

Heli, I really do love you so much. I’m so proud of what we have been through and even more excited for what we will go through tomorrow. Happy anniversary to the love of my life and best friend.

2 thoughts on “Happy anniversary to my wife

  1. This was beautiful and so thoughtful of Adam. It sounds like true love to me. And I’ve always said that the key element for a good relationship is COMMUNICATION. Many more happy years of love and communication. 😀

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