Young Love

June 4, 2012

When I was in preschool I had a “boyfriend.” I very vividly remember him coming to my birthday party and giving me a snowman necklace. Maybe I’m just materialistic and loved the necklace, or maybe it was just the first time I experienced the rush of young love. And so my boy craziness started. Not that my love life was all that exciting over the years, but it was definitely not lacking in boy drama and boys coming and going.

I have mentioned almost too many times to count that Drew also has his own level of boy craziness. Fortunately his comes in much different ways. He is obsessed with anything and everything by definition boyish. He is interested solely in the boys from his class and has zero to say or think about the girls in his class. Until recently…

The first day I noticed it was when I went to school with my mom and he wanted to sit next to a little girl (a really cute one if you ask me!). I mentioned something to the teachers and they said he has been playing with her more and more. I was shocked since he usually thinks girls have cooties! Then he started talking about her, pretend stories had to include her and mentions of play dates were more frequent.

After weeks of him badgering me to make a play date, I realized he must be serious. Her mom and I set a play date for the first available day post school, A.K.A. today! It worked out nicely since it gave me the chance to hang with her mom whom I like very much. Drew was very excited at the prospect of this play date.

Much as I expected, he did not engage with her for the majority of the play date. This cute little girl came running up to him ready to get her play on, and in true boy fashion he spent most of the time ignoring her and doing his own thing. The same boy that gets giggly and excited every time we talk about her, didn’t give her the time of day! I think I may have some insight into my less than successful love life as a child!

When we were on our way home, Drew eagerly asked if we could schedule another play date. Of course I have no problem with it because I had a lot of fun engaging with the people we scheduled the play date with. I asked Drew why he would want a play date with her since he barely played with her. His only answer was that he will play with her next time. Another example of how I may never understand men or my son!

2 thoughts on “Young Love

  1. Heli,

    Love this post. Typical boy too, right?

    I remember at camp when we were boy crazy…you also played a huge PRANK on a two-timer that year…..HILARIOUS! Boys will definitely be boys!

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