Matchmake Me One of These by Rachel

March 13, 2012

If you ever watch Millionaire Matchmaker, the first question Patty (the matchmaker asks) is “Who are your celeb crushes?” This is supposed to give her a sense of what characteristics embody her clients “perfect match.” So, here are mine:

5. Paul Rudd
I have had a crush on Paul Rudd since Clueless. And Friends. And even in Knocked Up. He is funny, cool, and dorky, all rolled into one.

4. Jason Segel
Maybe it’s his character Marshall on How I Met Your Mother, or maybe because he embodies that sexy/dorky/cool thing, but I adore him. Bonus: I am pretty sure he is part Jewish.

3. Prince William
I mean, he is a prince. Enough said. Oh and he is a pilot. I think that is sexy.

2. Zach Braff
Loved him in Scrubs. Also dorky/cool. Also he LOVES music. And he LOVES GOOD music. Amazing. Bonus: He is Jewish.

1. Ryan Gosling
No words. Except for these.

Who are your celeb crushes? What do these choices say about me?

5 thoughts on “Matchmake Me One of These by Rachel

  1. Ok, I agree with Ryan Gosling…no need to explain! I think you forgot someone though…JOSH DUHAMEL!!!!! (I just don’t know if he’s “dorky” enough for you!!) lol!

  2. I think your crushes say that you’d like to find a guy who is dorky/funny/cool/sexy and a big BONUS if he’s Jewish.

    My celebrity crushes? Brad Pitt and Jake Gyllenhaal. Yummy!

    • Jake Gyllenhal for SURE! I also think Denzel Washington is so sexy. Not Jewish (obviously) but very fun to look at! I like your picks Rachel – if only they were available!!!

  3. I forgot about Jon Stewart.

    I agree Josh and Ryan Reynolds are hot, along with Jake and Brad.

    I would say Ryan Gosling wins the war of the Ryans. I LOVED Jake in Jarhead…but Brad Pitt is almost TOO hot. (almost.)

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