My New Favorite Island

February 1, 2012

The major heavy duty work for our new house has been completed. Not that there aren’t tons of more projects that I’d like to tackle, but all the immediate jobs are done. All the jobs we are doing now are fun jobs that make our house more comfortable or prettier. Frankly these are the jobs I like best.

The most recent job was that we added an island to our kitchen. As with every choice I make, I was not sure I would be happy with this island. I was afraid that it would make our kitchen too small. I was afraid that the look wouldn’t fit in. I was afraid the colors wouldn’t match. The worries were endless, per usual.

Last week everything was installed and I absolutely LOVE it. I love how it fits in with our kitchen. I love the colors. I love the functionality. And I also love the company I used so I thought it would be fitting to add ARA Cabinets to my list of “My Favorite Things.”

The quality of the cabinetry is top notch! The countertop is beautiful. They did an amazing job installing the island. They even connected electricity to it which is wonderful. They cleaned up after themselves which I have noted with my endless contractors as being a major plus. It was really a great experience.

I am thrilled with this new upgrade to our house and owe it all to ARA Cabinets!

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