Super Why Not?

February 15, 2012

Super Mom was anti-television. Super Mom did not allow television in her house unless it was early am so Super Mom and Super Dad could get ready. Super Mom’s son stopped napping. Super Mom is not Super, just a mom. And this mom sadly NEEDS the tv.

At first, because of limited exposure, Drew would watch a couple of shows. First was Sesame Street. Then we branched out to the occasional Mickey Mouse’s Playhouse and Wonder Pets. Then came the year of only Toy Story. Every Toy Story, it didn’t matter which one.

Now, however, Drew has become adventurous and wants to try lots of different shows. I am recently a BIG fan of Super Why. When Super Why is on, I hear him sounding out words and participating. The show has done such a good job in appealing to boys who love super heroes and girls who love princesses. I love how it incorporates reading in the fun plots. All in all, it really is a very educational fun show.

As a reward, we have been offering iPad time. Drew loves the Super Why application. It’s a little advanced for him but it gives us the opportunity to engage with him while playing the game. It’s a great activity.

So if you are thinking of asking why Super Why? I say…why not 🙂

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