War Zone

November 25, 2011

In light of recent holidays, I could list off all the things I’m so very thankful for like health (for which you have nothing without), family (that gives me so much joy), friends (whom in some ways have become like family), our many houses (one of which that I’m getting more excited to move into) or the opportunity to stay at home with my crazy little rugrats. However, I’m not going to dwell on any of those things.

Not that I’m not hugely grateful for the aforementioned. Rather I’m going to take the time and be thankful for a mid-week weekend day. It allowed me to take packing to a whole new level. We are officially in a war zone here – boxes everywhere.

And although I feel like I’m making major headway at times, I then progress to my next project all to realize that it’s a drop in the bucket. It seems like the deeper I get into this packing gig, the more I learn what an absolute enormous job this really is. At the present moment, there is no end in sight.

I haven’t even completed the first round of packing everything up. And once I finish that, there comes the second round. The first round is packing up all the things we can live without. Once that’s finished I have to pack up everything we can’t live without (second round). And all on a very strict time frame.

Between Adam at the new house doing his endless jobs there, the final touches to the work we have at our current house (last minute painting and cleaning) and getting all of our stuff in boxes and out, we have reached “go time.” And as fast as I go and as much as I do, I can’t help but feel like I’m running on a treadmill. I’m doing what is necessary but the insurmountable tasks seem to be growing.

If no one hears or sees me for me for days, you might want to send in some help because I may be trapped in a sea of boxes.

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