Moving on up…

October 24, 2011

I have a confession, I haven’t exactly been forthcoming in the last couple of months. May sound strange since I offer up stories about my life and my feelings so freely. I’m not sure the blogger responsibility in sharing intimacies of your life. All I know is that my feelings were so tender that I didn’t feel comfortable opening up about this.

I think holding back something so big in my life made it hard for me to blog at times. To come up with tales of my life with my kids was hard. Not that there weren’t plenty of interactions that were blog worthy. Just that I was so preoccupied with my thoughts that it was hard to recognize the noteworthy moments of my day.

So now I’m going to do it, I’m going to share my big news. We bought a house. It started out that we found a great deal, foreclosure, and wanted to check it out. It was too good a deal to pass up that we had to just look. I had hoped it would be like an outfit that looks amazing on the hanger but just doesn’t work with your body type once you put it on.

Unfortunately (or fortunately as the case may be), this house was perfect for our needs. It’s in a great neighborhood, walking distance for Adam for work. Two of our closest friends live a block away. It’s big enough for our family and has a great yard. It really possesses everything we were looking for. Only problem is that we have a house!

On a whim we decided to get pre-qualified and it all started spiraling out of control. Today we got news that everything is final and we close November 15. Meanwhile we are trying to rent out our current house. I’m not thrilled about being a landlord but it seems like the only way we don’t miss out on the great buyer’s market right now. Plus, hopefully we will be able to sell it in a couple years for a price that isn’t completely ridiculous.

I’m not going to spend the remainder of this blog mentioning everything that makes me anxious about this (like my normal blogs), instead you can look for many more blogs of that nature to come. Instead I’m going to say that I believe this to be an amazing opportunity and I feel fortunate for this to be an option for us. I’m incredibly proud of Adam who has spent a great deal of effort on this, and will put in a lot of slave labor as well as all the financial means since we are now a single-income family. Thank you Adam and I pray that this new home is as good for us as this current home has been.

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