Kung Foo Drew

October 23, 2011

Friday night I was totally THAT mom. I was that mom that wanted her kids to go to sleep so that I could unwind and have adult time. I realize that I’m not completely to blame for feeling this way. I spend a lot of time nowadays caring for them and being with them, that it makes sense I want time separate from them too. That being said, I really can’t complain when they have quiet time from 2ish-5ish, now can I?

When Adam suggested that we have family movie night, I knew that it was a good idea but I was disappointed. I wanted to veg out to an adult movie and clock out of “mommy duty.” Instead, I surrendered to movie night. We popped popcorn, turned off all the lights and planted three cabooses on the couch (sadly for Gabby she didn’t get to participate).

Shortly after the movie started I had a feeling of frustration of having to be subjected to an hour plus of a panda that was supposed to be humorous from his lack of kung foo skills. Maybe it was the wine we were drinking, the popcorn we were eating, watching Drew become engrossed or just the power of family movie night, but before I knew it I was also sucked in.

I relocated next to Drew, he cozied up into me and we spent the remainder of the movie snuggling and giggling at the panda shenanigans. It was heaven. It was undeniably the best weekend night I can remember having. I was so grateful to Adam for encouraging us to have movie night. I was thrilled to have so much quality time with Drew. And I ended up really enjoying Kung Foo Panda.

So frequently in my life with the kids I am situating, caring for them, and doing the necessary things for them to have a good life. Not often enough am I just enjoying the time together. I stopped and smelled the popcorn. I sat back and soaked in the silliness of a three year old. I practicing kicking like a kung foo master while singing “everyone was kung foo fighting…” And I loved every minute.

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