Mission Fun

August 25, 2011

Believe it or not, I not only write a blog but I read blogs. I don’t just read a couple, I read dozens. Hours of my life go by catching up on strangers’ lives. I try to learn what brought them to blogging, what their angle is on blogging and how they got (or if they are) successful blogging. I have a crush on a blogger. Not a teenage crush on Luke Perry kinda crush. The kinda crush where I want to be just like this blogger. In addition to writing extremely well and having a diverse blog, she seems like a really fun mom.

I can be fun. I think my friends would say I’m fun. My mom definitely thinks I’m fun. My husband thought at one point I was fun. I’m not sure my kids think I’m fun. I’m definitely goofy at times. And maybe it’s just perspective, their dad is soooo fun that I just appear to be the less fun one. But somebody needs to get things done for the family. Somebody needs to keep the house going. Somebody needs to discipline. Therefore I become the less fun one of the bunch.

I’m setting a goal, a new year’s resolution (the Jewish new year is on the horizon after all), to be more fun. I want to let my hair down more. I know that I am the keeper of the schedule, I am the dictator of the kingdom, I am the CFO of our money, I make sure operations run smoothly but can’t I also be the crazy, hysterical, fun one too? Is it an oxymoron to be the enforcer and the fun one?

So as we are in the height of our no school/no camp break, I’m going to try to be fun. One shouldn’t have to TRY to be fun but I’m going to do the unthinkable and try to be fun! I’m going to try and not care about the state of affairs in our house. I’m going to try and keep the kitchen table dirty in efforts to maximize play time. I’m going to try to not put away laundry, load the dishwasher or any of the other tasks I end up doing during bath time. I’m going to embrace fun. Mission fun, here I come! I think I just became unfun based on that last statement. Please strike that from the record…

P.S. My blog crush is on http://www.girlsgonechild.net/

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