Is craziness a symptom of Vertigo?

August 11, 2011

I don’t have an MD, although I’m frequently diagnosing myself and others with a multitude of illnesses. Since Monday I have been having dizzy spells. The most current has lasted about 24 hours and I have temporarily diagnosed myself with Vertigo.

This habit of diagnosing wouldn’t be so bad if it meant I had a little idea of what I was going through and could treat appropriately. Unfortunately it spans beyond that. I have now diagnosed myself with a more detailed disease (Vertigo just being a symptom).

I lay here obsessing over my children never knowing me because clearly I’m not going to make it much longer because I have some horrible disease. I guess the bigger diagnosis should be hypochondria. And although I know this and completely aware of my larger issue, it doesn’t help the constant dizziness I have right now or the paranoia I have about the whole situation!

I’m not comfortable laying down, standing up and nothing can distract me from my symptoms. The worst is that I can’t engage comfortably with my children. It really puts it in perspective for those that have a truly debilitating disease.

Maybe my stunt with these symptoms is just an opportunity for me to appreciate how people who are sick feel. Or maybe I just have a case of Vertigo. Either way, point made and I’m ready to feel better.

2 thoughts on “Is craziness a symptom of Vertigo?

  1. Have your ears checked! It could be an inner ear infection–that happened to me years ago… It’s no fun I hear ya!

  2. Do you have allergies? I can usually stop my head from spinning by taking allergy meds and sudafed. You’re not a hypochondriac if you are actually dizzy. If you start to imagine you have all sorts of crazy diseases, its time to see your Dr. On the other hand it is always good to stand in someone else’s shoes to gain empathy, but there are more comfortable ways to go about it. I hate being dizzy (no ditzy comments from those of you who know me :))

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