Gabby + Cows = Not Friends

August 4, 2011

I admit it, I worry about my kids. Sure everyone worries about their kids to some level. I, however, worry an exorbitant amount. I come by it honestly though. I come from strong lineage of worriers. Of course most of it completely uncalled for but occasionally there is good reason.

As I have mentioned before, Gabby has had problems eating really early on. She was one of those unusual kids who nursed perfectly right away and gained almost all her weight back before she even left the hospital (all 7lbs 14oz). The months to follow just went down from there.

She spit up like nobody’s business – couches, linen, clothes all ruined thanks to Gabby’s projectile aim. Then there was the weight debacle of 2010/2011. She fell off the charts, she’d step back on the charts just to fall off again and so it continued. Later resulting in the refusal of foods with any consistency and lucky enough for us bringing back the vomiting. It has been a non-stop struggle.

Then we were lucky enough to experience the hives and rashes. Blood testing proved she was allergic to a few things which brought us to yet another specialist. It is now confirmed that she is allergic to absolutely everything having to do with the cow – every protein in cow’s milk, beef included. She has a bad egg allergy but apparently can have baked goods just not cooked goods. Huh? Originally her blood test said she is allergic to wheat and gluten but her allergy is stronger to rice so we are going to avoid rice. She has a slight peanut allergy and some bad, life threatening antibiotic allergies as well.

Clearly I’m not thrilled about this outcome but I’m relieved that we are finally getting some answers for her unusual behavior…some answers, I still can’t quite understand the appeal of licking the cabinet at the library but fortunately it did not result in hives or any rash-like symptoms. I’m not sure what the heck I’m going to feed the lady since apparently there’s quite a lot of cow by-products in stuff. Oh and she finally started growing on soy formula and the doc would like her to avoid soy. Um…huh?

So apparently my worrying was justified and the outcome could have been worse. I never had to deal with this with Drew but he gave me so many other headaches (like plunging off the bookcase at daycare and gushing blood from his mouth or diving head first into a fireplace mantle and gushing blood from his forehead). I’m not sure I could handle a third child, at least not without severe medication in either Valium or Tequila form on a daily basis.

The whole experience Gabby finds exhausting. I, on the other hand, intend to be up nights researching and cooking. All I can say is that I come from a long line of women who have been up nights worried about their children, what made me think it would stop there?

8 thoughts on “Gabby + Cows = Not Friends

  1. I am so sorry. Well in the world of blogs there has gotta be something that you can follow. I bet someone else shares this issue. I do know though that you are so organized that you will find a way to make it work. Hang in there! And make lots of trips to whole foods!

  2. I know that Gabby has been through a TON of testing, but I was just wondering if you have tried Holistic methods yet. They might give you more answers/options for her. We just have to deal with dairy, wheat, and penicillin issues by us and that was overwhelming in the beginning. Can’t imagine what you are going through right now. Good luck to you navigating through to a new normal. BTW – we love using oat flour as a substitute and almond milk is delicious. Also, buckwheat is not wheat and can be ground into flour or eaten like warm oatmeal. Reach out to other bloggers. You are not alone.

    • What sort of Holistic things do you suggest? Acupuncture? Those are great suggestions. I think I’m going to have to scour the net finding recipes. I tried grocery shopping today and almost had a panic attack. Everything seems to have something she shouldn’t have! I really appreciate the support and suggestions!

      • Holistic centers should be able to test her in different ways and pin point her major triggers. Some of our issues never showed up on allergy tests. The holistic testing showed we had the “intolerance” to certain things over others. Sometimes supplements can help ease symptoms. I highly recommend finding a quality holistic center near you. The down side is that insurance does not usually cover the visits. A point for another day in a blog rant. There are 2 cookbooks that I would get. “The Kid-Friendly Food Allergy Cookbook” by Leslie Hammond and Lynne Marie Rominger. Also, “The Gluten-Free Gourmet Cooks Fast and Healthy” by Bette Hagman. You might still have to substitute here and there, but trial and error is how we arrived at some of our favorites.

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