Mo Money PPPPPlease!

August 5, 2011

I knew transitioning to one income was going to be difficult but I’m not sure I realized it was going to be quite the challenge it has become. There were definitely some expenses I thought would improve while I was home. I was, unfortunately, very wrong.

Most significant improvement would be daycare. Not paying for a full week of supervision would be a delight. However, the little scoundrels need things to do. Preschool, classes, activities come at a pretty large cost. Keeping these crazy kids busy isn’t easy or cheap.

Then there is my sweet new ride.

Adding a new car (I was blessed and had a company car during my employment) into the mix is expensive but I completely underestimated the amount I would drive (refer to preschool, classes and activities part of this blog), plus the cost of filling up this beast of a car isn’t pretty (I hadn’t paid for gas for the last four years).

What a relief it will be when come June, when Gabby turns 1, we won’t have to pay for formula. I was so happy that I nursed for 9 whole months saving us the expense, which would make three months of paying for formula totally do-able! Please reference yesterday’s headache of a blog about how Gabby essentially can’t eat anything and will be on super duper expensive formula until she is in her mid-80s.

Feeding Gabby her formula alone will cost over $50 per week! I never thought conventional formula would seem like a bargain!

Oh the plans I had to reduce my grocery bills. Not sure if you knew but cooking from scratch is far less money than making pre-made, pre-cut, frozen foods. Plus, now with all this time on my hands I’ll be able to follow the sales and drive to several grocery stores a week. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! Who has time to cook from scratch when you are wrestling two kids all day?!?! I want to order pizza everyday! I’m not dragging my two monsters to every grocery store known to man. When would I squeeze that into the chauffeuring I’m doing to preschool, classes and activities anyway. Not to mention the $60+ it costs to fill up the tank to just drive to the basic places per week!!!

Moral of this story, it is not economical to stay at home rearing your kids. And it seems like the harder I try to find the economical options, the more money I spend on mistakes. There is nothing frugal about me. Is there a class I can take on learning how to be financially conscious? It would probably just cost me more money!!!!

2 thoughts on “Mo Money PPPPPlease!

    • I’m not sure the effort involved in getting those crazy rugrats to look at the camera is worth it! Maybe I need to train Gabby to be a beauty queen (toddlers and tiaras here we come!)

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