State of the Union

January 26, 2011

Although the state of the union is pretty bleak, the president found a way to make it sound uplifting and promising. I’m trying to do the same. I’m focusing on the fact that I like my job, not that I hate working five days a week. I’m able to get everything in my life done, but I’m not going to think about the fact that I have no extra time for anything. Gabby is changing each day – sitting up and making every effort to crawl. I’m going to try and not think about the fact that she’s underweight and we are seeing a pediatric gastroenterologist to work on her weight improving. There are funny things coming out of Drew’s mouth every minute, the kid says everything! Although I am fearful Drew may get kicked out of school because he has been so physical with the kids in his class, I’m going to channel my energy in working with him and not wallowing in how sad I am that he is hurting his friends. The state of the Wiener union could also be looked at as bleak, but I’m going to make it sound uplifting and promising. I’m a strong, working person who is managing to balance it all. I even amaze myself some days with how much I am able to do in one day. I am a mom who worries about her children but also takes a proactive stance on their health, as well as the emotional well-being. I am by no means perfect but I’m taking the challenges I’m up against and making the most out of them. Maybe that’s what Obama is trying to do too. There is no perfect leader to lead this free world. Focusing on one challenge, frequently leads to a deficit in another area. But as long as I do my best to apply myself and make wise choices, that’s all I can do. Does Obama get the same pass?

One thought on “State of the Union

  1. Heli,

    You are an amazing person, and I know that everything you do, your family appreciates. Keep it up! Everything will be great! Great seeing you at school!!!

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