Fork in the Road

May 27, 2010

Our realtor recently contacted us suggesting that we rent out our townhouse. She believes that we would be able to find a tenant that could hold a two-year lease covering all of our costs. For those of us anxious for more space and the opportunity to capitalize on the low cost of homes in great areas, it sounded like the perfect solution. However, I couldn’t help thinking about those people that have been affected by this recession whether from losing their jobs or suffering through pay cuts. We are facing a fork in the road and the road ahead is uncertain. No one can tell us that the road to the right won’t be uneven and bumpy, so how do we confidently take that turn with so much uncertainty. So many times people make choices or take risks similar to this decision in front of us. In some situations, it works out and it’s all for the best. What about those people that make these decisions and then lose their jobs or receive a pay cut? If you make choices in your life strictly conservatively to prepare for unexpected challenges, are you really living your life? Or are you too paralyzed by your fear of the unknown to actually embrace your life and ride out any potential ups and downs? With the ambiguity of the economy, housing market and life with a second child would it be irresponsible to take on unnecessary risk? As the volume of showings decreases on our house with time, as the visits to our web site shrink and as our family grows, I’m going to yield to fears. I’m going to learn from the mistakes of my neighbors going through foreclosures and short sales. I’m going to exercise a principle that has always been hard for me – patience. As I continue down the path to the left, the path on the right looks quite glamorous and enticing, but I’m not willing to embrace the vagueness ahead…at least not at this juncture.

One thought on “Fork in the Road

  1. Heli,

    We were in the same boat. We are renting out our condo for a year. We are moving into my parent's house to save money! It's crazy but you gotta do what you gotta do. Do what you think is right. It'll all work out. G-d has a plan for all of us! Good luck!
    -Mara Corush

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