Fun and Games

February 1, 2016

The person who created the expression “it’s only fun and games,” clearly never played games with my children. Definitely not fun.


Making every effort to reduce the amount of screen time my children are exposed to, I encouraged playing a game. It resulted in multiple people crying, several suffering ailments as a result and I walked away feeling completely defeated. It’s pretty consistent, unfortunately, with the dynamic we have together.

We need an intervention by Super Nanny. We need someone to swoop in with a cape and demand everyone be treated with respect. We need boundaries of where cruelty does not invade. We need a completely new way to do business around here. And as often as I sweep on my cape, work to redirect the negativity, we always seem to end up where we started. Why does it have to be so hard?!?!

Is it too much to ask my 3 children who are different ages and genders to co-exist without a screen for some of the day? Is it too much to ask these same beings to not inflict pain upon each other – both physical and emotional? Is too much to ask these maniacs to keep their voices down, not run around like crazy people, and not trash my house? Are my goals really too lofty?!?! I’m a smart, college graduate, why can’t I get a better handle on my rugrats??? Why can’t we play a simple board game together?!?! What am I doing wrong?????

I have a dream…I’m no MLK or anything but I too have had a dream or two. I dream of a world where my children engage in creative play together. They play restaurant, airplane or build a village together for an hour. They nicely hand each other toys when they ask for toys in their possession. They encourage each other’s workmanship with positive┬ácompliments. They laugh at silly ideas together and make positive familial memories that they can reflect on as years pass. I have a dream of driving in a four wheeled vehicle and never raising my voice. I dream of children singing songs, talking about their days and laughing while playing games to pass the time. I have a dream of well-adjusted children growing up to be independent, successful adults. I dream of these same people reflecting positively on their youth and having good relationships with their blood relatives where they sometimes choose to spend time together. Sometimes I feel like my reality looks more like my nightmares than my dreams. How do I change that?


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