I had a dream…

November 19, 2015

Recently at a mom’s dinner people were talking about abbreviating the camp session to allow for some non-structured family fun time. At first I almost fell out of my chair. You mean to tell me you hung out with your children and it was just fun? I always subscribed to the theory of more school, more camp, more supervised structure not less!! Then it got me thinking…

Years ago when my kids didn’t have such long full days, we’d go to the zoo for the day during the summer (or some equivalent). My memories are pleasant of doing things like that. Is it just that I’ve blocked out the bad times? Is it just that the more recent fights ring louder in my mind? Or were those easier, happier times?

I often complain how horrible our family dynamic is. That is completely true but maybe I’m not putting in the concentrated heavy lifting necessary to work on that properly. Is it possible that two weeks of running around, planning summer fun activities could be the medicine we need to relate to each other in a better, more constructive way.

Has the wine necessary to tolerate my children finally rotted my brain? Am I completely naive to think that two extra weeks (besides the already plentiful days without school and camp) would be anything but miserable? Am I not properly recognizing who I am (not patient) and who they are (maniacs)?!?! I dream of a family that makes fun, silly memories together. I dream of a family that chooses to be together. I dream of a family that reminisces on memories fondly. Am I living in dreamland or is this fantasy in grasp? You tell me.

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