It’s not pretty

October 7, 2015

Allowing my seven year old to stay up late and watch the Cubs’ game sounded like a tolerable request when Adam was responsible for putting Drew to sleep upon completion of the game and dealing with him in the morning. What is completely not tolerable is the fact that Adam conveniently needed to go out of town this week, leaving me to manage the baseball fiend. I’m not sure which scenario I’m more scared of – the Cubs winning or losing.

Drew almost wasn’t allowed to participate in March Madness. My explanation was that you wouldn’t take an alcoholic on a bar crawl. Same principle applies here. Drew is unable to keep his feelings in proper perspective. I often refer to the great Wichita State fiasco of 2014 where Drew had Wichita going all the way and well…they didn’t. The pain and agony of experiencing the wrath of Drew in a situation like that is on par with one of the worst experiences of child rearing, similar to child birth actually.

There’s two scenarios that will come out of the Cubs’ game. Either they will win and Drew will be bouncing off the walls so much that it will be near impossible to attach him to his bed. Not to mention that it will mean more of this to follow with future play off game(s).  Or they will lose. The tears and screams will be heard across the Chicagoland area.  I will be incapable of soothing him, I may even be physically injured in efforts to try and calm him and then I will have the misfortune of dealing with an over-tired, depressed 7 year old in the morning.

And then what happens if one of the other two wake up in the midst of the drama?!?!  Is it possible for me to come out ahead on this?  How will I survive especially since I am, and have been, flying a solo operation here. The only way I see this being anything remotely tolerable is if they win. So everyone please cross your fingers and say a prayer for me…or for the Cubs at least.

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