It’s School, oh baby!!!!

August 26, 2015

You may have heard hooting and hollering across the Chicagoland area today, as it was FINALLY the first day of school. I was tempted to take them last night and wait outside the school but I’m so very fond of our frantic, rushing, scream fests that the school mornings usually consist of.

I realize that these feelings are not foreign amongst families or moms but I feel in my heart that I mean it more than the average. It’s not because I dislike my children (although I’d be lying if I didn’t say there was a strong love/hate relationship). It’s that the week and a half (it sure felt longer) without programming was filled with fighting, tears and screams…most of which were mine.

Once again, I realize I am not alone in these sentiments but I still resign to at least one of these truths…A) my children are inherently harder than the rest. B) my patience or threshold for handling them is lower than everyone else’s. The experience of five days of 24/7 “quality time” on our family vacation was enough to make me go postal. ┬áLet alone the setup/cleanup required on both ends of this “vacation.”

Putting all joking aside (yes, those were mostly jokes), we need a schedule. I need a schedule and they certainly need structure. We need to go to bed “around” bedtime again. We need to wake up at a set time again. We need to have home cooked family meals around the table again. We need less screen time. We need more time a part and less time fighting and hurting each other. Praise the lord, we are back full day tomorrow!!!!

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