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May 11, 2015

I wanted a daughter for one reason – to relive my dance life. Ok not exactly but it is a major bonus. The best part of it all is that I don’t actually feel like I’m influencing her to like dance – she naturally seems inclined to it!
I know most little girls dance at some point in their life. For me, my entire extra-curricular life (until college) was dance. The buzz of a recital is enough to electrify my veins to this day. Every minute of every day was dedicated to working on different steps. Every play date was making up dances. I had a passion for dance that I have been able to redirect to working out in my adult years. I almost forgot how much I loved it all until this weekend. 
This weekend Gabby had her first big girl stage recital.  When I dropped her off to go backstage, I had such flash backs. I remembered those early years where I impatiently waited for my turn on the stage. Or those years later in life where I had to have the quick costume changes backstage. The adrenaline of waiting in the wings to come out on stage.  Words cannot express the thrill I had watching Gabby follow in my footsteps. 
I definitely don’t want her to feel pressure to participate in an activity she doesn’t enjoy. I would never force her to do anything that didn’t make her happy (at least on an extra-curricular front). And who knows how she’ll feel as years go by. The fact that she seemed to love her experience as much as I loved watching her was the best part. I was so proud of her enthusiasm and excitement with the whole day. Part of me wishes that I was that little thing on stage. But if it couldn’t be me, I’m so glad it was my favorite little girl!!!!


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