Fashion Emergency

March 17, 2015

Everyone seems to accept…damn near embrace, the fact that teenagers beat to their own drum and dress however they want. What people don’t discuss nearly enough is that toddlers – children who are practically done being toddlers and should wear what their mothers tell them, do the same thing. Who are these kids who are in their adorable outfits complete with their matching bows???  Where do I get one of those kids?!?!?

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Drew wore his Patrick Kane jersey for almost an entire year straight. A mom from preschool told me that her daughter asked if Drew had any other clothes.  Despite the fact that it drove me crazy, I let it go. He’s a boy and I have a cute little girl to doll up. Or I had one…


While shopping with Gabby the other day, everything I picked out was returned to the rack because she only wanted Easter dresses. Gabby hasn’t quite embraced “less is more” and prefers it all to be as frilly as possible. Yet given the opportunity to wear a green tutu for St. Patrick’s Day or a costume for an appropriate day, all of a sudden she wants to dress conservatively. I give up.


She ran around the park yesterday in a leotard (sans tights and her underwear hanging out) with a t-shirt over. Her fashion statements cannot be a reflection of my fashion sense!  I’m no Kim Kardashian but I’m not exactly Lady Gaga either and Gabby is looking a little more Gaga-ish lately.


I know the drill – give her choices. Make her feel in control within parameters. It doesn’t work. Maybe it will ensure how she looks at school but the minute she’s home, she’s back to her crazy look.  And don’t even get me started on her hair!!!!!  We’re having full out fashion brawls and she’s only four!!!!  How am I gonna handle  the teenage years?!?!?

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