July 10, 2014

A couple weeks ago Drew started baseball. He’s been gearing up for this from his days in the womb. His dream of participating in America’s past-time is now a realization. I just assumed we’d slide into this as he would slide into home base, with skill and ease. Was I nuts?!?!?

I always felt like the tee was holding him back. Don’t get me wrong, he learned to master it. But at home we’d pitch him overhand balls that would crack off his bat and soar through the air. I even wondered at times if we could accelerate past t-ball.

Something almost magical happened when we switched to coach pitch baseball – take away that stinking tee and all of a sudden these boys know how to play baseball!! Maybe it’s because the boys still playing really love baseball, rather than kids that are being “encouraged” by their parents. Either way, it’s a whole new league – literally and figuratively.

Drew is having a hard time getting his groove. And when Drew struggles, we all struggle! His poor father is coaching and practicing with him around the clock. He is only rewarded with Drew’s fits of rage after a poor performance or not receiving the “game ball.”

I’m grateful Drew has a passion. I’m even more grateful of his determination to keep practicing and perfect his abilities. I’m pretty confident he will master this eventually. I just want to get out of dodge until we get to that point.


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