April 10, 2014

My kid better be the next Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson or some multi-sport playing superstar. Otherwise this chaos was all for nothing. Literally nothing because it’s certainly not for the fun of the game. What a ridiculous thought that would be.


Spring has brought us to a four sport juncture. We have almost accidentally, because no parent would purposefully bring four sports simultaneously upon themselves, stumbled upon a season of sports. Soccer carries over from fall without any need to re-sign up. T-ball is a must, no questions asked. Basketball is only during the week, during that lovely dinner hour, but not a huge commitment. And then of course there’s golf, which is not optional due to the overwhelming amount of males in this family wanting to round out the foursome. I’m stuck in a sports nightmare.


It would be one thing if my child was in a state of bliss from the sport overload. It would be one thing if my child were thrilled by the financial implications of four sports. It would be one thing if my child were understanding of the burden these sports play on his siblings. But…NOOOOOOOOOOO that would be far too hard for an almost six year old to understand.


Rather, I spend an hour juggling Noah (literally juggling since he wants to crawl everywhere and get into everything – and NOOOOO he’s not walking YET!!!) and battling Gabby (her constant need for snacks, my phone and some other entertainment during this sports-athon). Then this child has the nerve to be MAD!!!! Why is he mad? Because he didn’t score enough goals. Because he didn’t get the ball enough. Because the coach said it was a tie and he counted that they won. Whatever the reason, Drew leaves most sporting situations upset over something! UGH!!!!

I’m pretty much in need of food stamps from all the many costs of these sports activities, sporting equipment and snack foods necessary to keep Gabby occupied and Drew isn’t even happy!!! Say what?!? Why subject myself to this? Despite his distaste for his performance, something that happened over the course of the game, or whatever else sets him off, he drives me more crazy when he finds out that his friends are doing some sport that he isn’t involved in. He has spent months driving me crazy about hockey. A girl has to draw the line somewhere!!!!

If you’d like to see us in the next couple months, the best way is to go to a baseball field, a soccer field, a basketball court or the golf course. Otherwise we’ll have to catch up around August.

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