March 10, 2014

We spent what felt like a lifetime listening to Elmo serenade Drew. The minute we were able to transition out of that stage, we didn’t look back. We looked high and low for a minivan WITHOUT a dvd player, we cringed at the mere mention of any type of audio (or visual for that matter).

Rather, we jammed out to Rhianna and Katy Perry. Enjoying every minute of Gabby singing out “Timber” or Drew making us stay in the car to hear the end of “Safe and Sound.” This is how parenting in a minivan should be, right?

We saw Frozen right out of the gate. We all loved it. And one day, after days without Dad, we all bonded while we sang all the songs off of youtube. As a reward (or rather “my present”) I purchased the Frozen soundtrack. The first dozen days were filled with family sing alongs and dancing. Idina Menzel can really sing!! Who knew Kristen Bell had such a voice?!? That Olaf cracks us up every time!!!


It has approached the point of mania. I’m waking up in the mornings singing, going to sleep singing, and every moment in between the chords of these previously enjoyable songs are ringing in my ears. I cannot take a moment more of Frozen. I hate to think I have to do something drastic, like dare I say…destroy the CD. But even that will not make it stop. Anywhere there’s a phone, there’s youtube. Gabby carts around her doll that plays the song like it’s her lifeline. I CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This may just be the straw that broke the camel’s back. If I don’t blog for a couple days, come visit me in the state asylum because I’m one “Let it Go” from the edge!!!!!

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