March 26, 2014

Would it kill the northwest suburbs to get on the same page with spring break?! You mean to tell me that the difference of a week changes the district plans in a colossal way??? I think not.


This week is Gabby’s preschool spring break and next week is Drew’s kindergarten spring break. I guess that’ll teach me not to send a child to an out of area preschool!!! I’m in this interim world where for a solid two weeks I’m not sure if I’m coming or going. And since no one has full day programming (other than enrichment), it’s a whole lot of shuffling.

In the past breaks have caused me a great deal of undue stress. How am I gonna keep my kids busy and out of trouble?!?! This situation has alleviated some of that unnecessary stress but neither child is in fact reaping the benefits of the “break” in our schedule.

Without mentioning all the details, we had a wonderful destination spring break planned that ended up being cancelled. As painful as these temps have been, the absence of a key player in our family most days, and the feeling of abandonment based on everyone migrating south, we were in major need of a getaway. So next week during Drew’s break, Gabby will have to play hookie a couple days, and we are getting out of dodge. Although I’d like to have hot sun shining on my body and cocktail with an umbrella in hand, I’ll take a few days without laundry and cooking meals. Of course the preparation and wind down required for any excursion could make it not worth it at all. But that’s a challenge I’m up for!!!!

One thought on “Break???

  1. I hear ya. Seth has spring break next week, and mine is 2 weeks later. weren’t for Matt’s flexible schedule, I would be pulling my hair out!

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