Birthday Bash

December 23, 2013

I’ve spent my whole life in the background over shined by two incredibly outspoken beings and NOW on a day where teeth are sprouting out left and right, boogers are pouring out of my nose and you are introducing me to new foods with different consistencies every meal…you expect me to perform as the star of the show?!?! These people are crazy. (The inner thoughts of Noah)

As first birthday parties go, this one was lowwwwwww key. Previously there had been nothing shy of planes sky scraping happy birthday to my babies. This time, however, there was an extremely abbreviated list of attendees (exclusive to family), modest decorations and mild celebrations (we excluded the Rockettes who were originally scheduled to perform).

My other two were a little taken aback by their first birthdays but I pretty much attributed it to the extremely large amount of people coming through with greetings. For Noah, he was pretty much surrounded by his nearest and dearest. My other two were able to overcome any stage fright they felt when propositioned by a free for all with a cake. Noah, on the other hand, was probably the most overwhelmed and disgusted by the cake. Now I have seen some hesitant babies in my day. But even the most hesitant usually come around in some capacity. Not this one!!! I tried force feeding frosting but that was as far as his cake consumption went!

All in all, it was a fun party…assuming everyone left the guest of honor alone because he was totally uninterested in socializing nor dining on the fine treats (including a spontaneous allergic reaction, guess it wouldn’t be a party without drama!!!). And now I officially have a five, three and one year old. G-d help me…


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