September 13, 2013

In a far away, distant world I was a pharmaceutical rep. A working parent’s life is far from slow paced, but the job itself at times could be. Wait an hour to see a doc, thirty minutes until a lunch starts, etc. Now nothing about my life is slow paced.

I’m either running late to something or trying to squeeze an extra something into a little extra gap of time. I am never sitting back and reading a magazine to pass time like I used to in my employed days.

It’s not that I want to go back to managing a career and parenthood together. Nor do I yearn for doctors to discredit my time and make me wait an obscenely long time. But I do wish the days were longer and my to-do list was shorter.

So often I have struggled with getting things done around the house and playing with the kids. Although that seems like a clear cut decision, I all too frequently choose eliminating a task off my list. It’s not like it’s a choice between re-organize the closets or play dress up with Gabby. It’s more like cook my dish for the holiday tomorrow, fold the laundry because Drew has no more clean underwear, etc. Glamorous things like that.

I wish in some ways I could be forced into an alternate universe where clothes clean themselves, houses get straightened without lifting a finger, days of being a stay at home mom consisting of playing all day without a single tantrum and my day ended with reading a magazine peacefully. Unfortunately the only way I’ll be reading a magazine is if I go back to work – ha! And the rest will never happen. A girl can dream though…


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