Violence at Home

July 24, 2013

To smother, or not to smother…that is the question. Did that ring, a.k.a. EXTREME choking hazard, miraculously show up next to the baby’s shoulder because “someone” out of love wanted to decorate their little brother with the finest of jewels or was there a hidden death wish. Further investigation is needed.

“G-d help me, this princess is CRAZY!!” -Noah

The love Gabby displays when she is resting her entire body across her seven month old baby brother may appear to be sweet. It’s the fact that I can’t seem to get her off of him. The sweat that runs down her face as she is pushing her entire body into him leads me to believe she has other intentions.

The other day she mentioned giving Noah something that babies can’t have. I explained that it would be dangerous to give him that. She wanted to know if he would go poof and go away!!! Houston, we have a problem!!!!

Gabby, much like other little girls, LOVES babies! She has tons of them, she likes any equipment that resembles real life equipment for babies. When a friend had a baby (before ours), we couldn’t keep her off of him in a sweet, non-dangerous sort of way. And I get it, our baby is WAY more of a threat to Miss Gabby than a doll or friend’s baby. But the thing is that our baby is here to stay.

I know those of you reading this who are removed are going to say that Gabby needs extra TLC. And although that is right, it’s one of those things that I want to just scream at her and tell her to stop hurting the baby. The more I tell her that the baby doesn’t want to be hit over the head with whichever toy she’s “showing” him, the more she wants to do it. The more I explain how big sisters can tickle the feet of their baby brother’s, the more she wants to pull off his foot.

So here we are Gabby, at a crossroad. Somehow the two of you have to co-exist. And just wait until he starts playing with your toys, all hell may break lose. Please keep in mind that your mom’s patience is very limited. Nobody really wants to see a pissed off Mom, do they? Oh wait, she may never have met a non-pissed off Mom now that I think about it…

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