July 27, 2013

Last night I did the unthinkable. I turned off the lights. Um…don’t I do that every night? Yeah, but I don’t usually do that when there’s a disaster of toys and unkempt kitchen everywhere.

So either I’m totally exhausted, which I am, or have reached an all time low in the amount I can handle with my children. But somehow I became possessed by the devil (or angel as Adam likes to think) and I had to just step away from it today. Is it possible that my OCD took the night off?!?!

I could possibly attribute it to that extra glass of wine, but suddenly putting the toys in their spot and the salad bowl and etc. in the cabinets just doesn’t seem THAT important. Huh?!?! Who have I become???

I’m not willing to accept that this has become a way of life but I’m embracing the baby steps that I’m taking to being less OCD. I’m celebrating that I made my hubby’s night easier by not forcing him to help me clean up the disaster after my kids went to bed WAY too late. I’m excited at the prospect of really going outside my comfort zone and allowing some disorder.

Good news, I haven’t gone completely mad…I made everyone clean up their rooms before bed 🙂

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