The Land (even further) Beyond Time

June 18, 2013

Recently I’ve been wanting to go to a concert and tailgate. You know, like the olden days. I don’t even know if people these days do this. I want to truck up to Alpine (concert venue) with a bag set in hand, a portable grill, collapsible chairs (only used these days for t-ball and soccer games in my life) and a free day ahead.

I’m not talking about a day where one child is at my in-laws and two at my parents. I’m not talking about a need to phone home every couple of hours only to hear that one is eating through my breast milk supply so fast they may run out or another child has had to have three timeouts by noon. I’m talking about a day from the LBT (Land Before Time, or kids as the case may be).

I without a doubt am thrilled I have my kids, I wouldn’t change a single thing about my life (well, maybe there’s a single thing but nevermind). But sometimes I just want to revisit the old days. I want my only thought to be who’s bringing the ketsup. I want a day of fun in the sun without a care in the world.

When I signed up for parenthood, I was going to be one of those people who didn’t let those little monsters change my life. We were still going to go to restaurants, travel the globe and go to concerts. Fast forward a few years and restaurants are a place with a counter where I juggle a tray and three kids in tow. If traveling the globe means packing like we will be gone for two weeks for an average trip to the grandparents, then we are virtual world travelers. And concerts are more like sing alongs these days, and not the drunk guy singing the lyrics too loud in your ear sing alongs.

I want to sit back on my cheap blue bag chair, beer in hand, hot sun on my face and charcoal smell in my hair. I want to leave the house at 9:30 am only to return at 11 pm with the exhaustion of a day from doing nothing but eating, drinking and relaxing. And I most certainly don’t want the hangover that comes from consuming more than one beverage. Sounds like I just want to find a way to be twenty-three again…at least for a day.

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