It was a RED kinda day!

May 8, 2013

Yesterday Drew’s behavior was on “red” (a scale where behavior is rated from green, yellow to red). Although it’s not the first time and probably won’t be the last, you can imagine my delight. After my line of interrogation fell on deaf ears, I decided to march into school and demand an explanation (or walk in with my tail between my legs awaiting the scolding over a poorly behaved child).

What could my angelic child possibly have done to warrant a rating of red?!?! How could my cooperative, compliant child receive anything but the greatest report from his teachers?! There MUST have been a misunderstanding. Was Drew so dedicated to washing his hands after playing outside that he didn’t hear the teacher request his presence at the table? Is it possible that Drew was so attentive to a fellow classmates’ struggle with an art project that he aided the classmate rather than clean up? Perhaps he was participating so much in music that he didn’t realize he over articulated the movement and slightly touched a fellow classmate? I’m sure there is some obvious rationale for this alleged red incident.

When I demanded (quietly asked what happened yesterday, tear tear) an explanation, the teacher said she was glad I came in. I started to shake, WHAT NOW?!?! Believe it or not, there was not ONE incident. He didn’t listen all day, pushed every button he knew and was repeatedly disobedient.

It was as if church bells in the far off distant starting chiming. I felt my muscles throb with strength and a slight smile came on my face. That’s it? Welcome to my world, lady. That’s what I call a good day with him!

It’s not that I want him to be bad, or red, at school. It’s not that I want them to experience the struggles I go through with him. It’s just that it was vindicating. So frequently (only this school year) I feel like they are talking about a child I don’t even know. And I’m jealous, I want him to come home all attentive and cooperative. So if trained professionals say that there are days that they just can’t handle him…I guess my feelings are justified.

The good news is that today he had “green” behavior. Hopefully he will continue to have good days at school, I really only want that for him. But…it was a little reassuring to know that he’s not always easy 🙂

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