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November 23, 2012

Days like this where a lot of the world has a vacation day and my husband is at work so I am left to have anything but a vacation day (kids without school or activities), I am reminded how thankful I am for being a stay at home mom. Better yet, I am thankful that I belong to Lifetime Fitness that gives me an outlet while managing my crazy kids. Even better yet, I am thankful that my mom retired so that I can lean on someone for help driving my kids around, going to the dentist or whatever chore I have for her.

The truth is that I have seen the situation from both angles. I know what being a working mom looks like. I know how I managed it juggling all the many balls in the air. I know the complicated mixed emotions involved with loving your life separate from your kids, having a professional self and desperately missing so much in your kids’ day. And as much as I may complain about how very hard it is being a stay at home mom, because really both situations are equally challenging in their own right, I am so thankful for this opportunity to be with them each and every day. I am so grateful that I get to go to classes with them, balance them in every awkward situation and be the one who knows the most about them. Of course it certainly makes days like today a little more challenging though!

I am so very thankful for finding my “thing.” Many of you may read my blogs about how much I love my gym and think that I am a crazy worker outer. Don’t get me wrong, working out has been a priority in my life for many years. But honestly, I have found my outlet in any given day that gives me some adult time and makes me a better, stronger mom. Some other stay at home moms may find other “things” but for me this is it! Much like anything, it has a hefty price tag. So I am grateful to have the opportunity to go to such a nice gym that is one of the many things my amazing husband works so hard to support. Thanks Lifetime and mostly thank you Adam!!!

My mom retiring has been the best thing ever! Yes, she is a huge help when it comes to dividing and conquering with the kids. Yes, she has allowed me some luxuries like grocery shopping without kids that help so much. But she also allows me to call her up and drag her to the kids’ classes with me. She allows me the chance to have adult company while running errands. I am so grateful that she retired and that she is so willing and able to help me wherever I need her!

The jist is that my blog always has a cynical, frustrated tone because this is where I vent. But I am so very thankful for the life I lead. I hope that is always the underlying message.

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