Happy Halloween!!

October 31, 2012

Halloween has seemed to evolve as I have grown. It started out that I was into it in an innocent, excitement over dressing up, thrill of trick or treating sorta way. Then I started to outgrow the family gatherings and got promoted to trick or treating with only friends. We had a focus and determination on the candy we got in a way that we never had before. Then I progressed through the haunted aspect of Halloween. I would take several trips to Fright Fest, haunted houses and watch endless scary movies. From there Halloween became a bar holiday. My friends and I were back to getting all dolled up for the big day, in a way totally not family friendly. And now, it’s a whole different experience.

Halloween 2011 was such an exciting Halloween (read about it here). And although I am blogging ahead of time (have not experienced October 31 Halloween 2012), the weeks leading up to this Halloween have been so exciting! I’d like to say it’s strictly because my kids are into the season and they are so adorable about it, which is true, but it also lets me go back in time. It allows me to have fun with all the innocent things of Halloween from my childhood.

We’ve carved pumpkins, decorated cookies, made candied apples, watched Halloween classics like Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin, done the Monster Mash, gone to Halloween parties, etc. Decorating the house has been an ongoing effort and with each new decoration, the elation over Halloween has escalated. We’ve been accruing new Halloween books and reading at least one every night. And with all this Halloween buzz in the air, I feel myself becoming four all over again!

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that my heart is swollen to the point of taking up my whole chest cavity every time I watch their little eyes get bigger with anticipation, every time Gabby says her version of the word Halloween or Trick or Treat, every time Drew happily pulls off a sheet for his countdown to Halloween. They have added to my Halloween experience and to my life in a way that it almost makes it alright that they have taken over my life…almost 🙂

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