You talkin’ about my kid???

July 19, 2012

My caller ID reflected the school/camp calling today. My heart went into my throat. There was a time that that number reflected news that was never good. At the end of my working days, almost everyday someone was calling me. Sometimes they would call me to tell me that Gabby was having health concerns (constantly throwing up). And other times they would call me with behavioral problems to report from Drew. Either way, I was never happy to hear from them.

Today Drew’s camp counselor called to catch up on camp. My pulse sped up. She started to explain what a great boy Drew is. She told me that he plays so well with his friends, has tons of funny stories, likes to talk about all his jerseys, plays superheroes a lot and loves sports. But???? Silence. But???? Silence.

Is that it? She said yes!!!!!!!!!! She told me that she just wanted to tell me what a joy it is having him at camp. That Drew brings a spirit to their group that is so great. And although last summer he had success at camp too, I was shocked that there were no complaints. I had sorta attributed the lack of feedback last summer to be teachers (counselors) that were distracted and not noticing the trouble Drew was causing.

I realize that I frequently blab on and on about how challenging Drew can be. I also realize that I may not articulate enough how very special, sweet and loving he can be. It’s not because I don’t note those times, it’s that blogging about my frustrations is therapeutic for me and the negative occurrences shake me up forcing the need to vent.

There is a significant portion of our co-existence where he is a sweet, funny, fun to be around boy. The way this camp counselor explained him at camp seemed like the Drew that I am exposed to, at times infrequently but does occasionally live with me. Talking about his success at camp not only reminded me what a great kid he is but that his counselor bear witness to it too!

There are probably some files of him floating around that school with observations, concerns, frustrations, etc. I just hope that this camp experience does not go undocumented too. Because there is now proof of what a sweet and special kid he is. And maybe I need to mentally document this proof so that I can revisit it too when I’m going insane from his hyper craziness 🙂

2 thoughts on “You talkin’ about my kid???

  1. So happy to hear of the good report from the counselor. I always knew there was a good boy in Drew. 🙂 I’m very proud of him.

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